Minisode: San Diego Mini Maker Faire 2013

Joanna at the EPL Maker Faire booth all set up and ready to go!
Joanna at the Escondido Public Library Maker Faire booth all set up and ready to go!

Viktor and Joanna represented the Escondido Public Library in the first-ever San Diego Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, December 7, 2013. You may ask…”What do libraries have to do with the maker movement?!?” That’s a great question and answering it was a huge part of why we went. Not only was it a great opportunity to promote our cool projects, such as Pop Up Podcast and LibraryYOU, but it was a great reminder to people that libraries in general have been having people “make” (for free!) for decades! Every craft program, how-to demonstration, and workshop that libraries offer to their communities helps those who want to learn how to make, create, tinker, innovate, build, craft, invent, and hack. The beauty of the maker movement is that it encompasses everything from woodworking and origami to robotics and 3D printing and so much more.

Robotic giraffe – why not?!?

Chatting with ham radio & maker enthusiast Ryan

Our booth neighbor, Crafteeo, helps people create their own cardboard armor

In this teaser episode for Season 2, we chat with attendees about who they are, why they’re at the Faire, and what they’d like to hear on Season 2 of Pop Up Podcast. Don’t forget to submit your ideas for Season 2 for the chance to win a Pop Up Podcast t-shirt.

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What would you like to hear about in Season 2 of Pop Up Podcast?


Pop Up Podcast tells the story of life in Escondido, California. What would you like to know more about? Do you have a story to tell?

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A Season 1 Bonus! Tyler, Eddie & Andrea working out their Pop Up Podcast tribute song


Episode #6:
"We’re going to miss you"

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In our Season 1 finale, we recap with the teens about their experiences throughout the year, what they would like to see for the future of the Pop Up Podcast and the library, and they even sing us a goodbye song!

We are currently working towards developing Season 2 of Pop Up Podcast, open to Escondidians of all ages! Stay tuned!

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New Pop Up Podcast episodes coming soon! In the meantime, check out these photos of us trying out our PUPPY (Pod Up Podcast Portable YOUnit). (Click photos for larger view.)

Pop Up Podcast tells the story of life in Escondido, California.

Pop Up Podcast started out as a free after-school activity for teens. In our upcoming second season, we welcome participants of all ages.

Pop Up Podcast is an opportunity to tell your story, to engage with audio recording technology and to explore your own self-expression.

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